Funny!  Sassy!  No Nonsense!

Master Speaker Lucia Harper connects deeply with her audiences.  25 years in business & communications development, and over 30 years of theatrical and comedic stage experience, make a compelling combination rarely seen in a keynote speaker.  Lively and amusing, she makes the subject matter accessible and digestible to audiences from all walks of life.

Humanity and humour are the common threads in all of her keynote speeches on personal and professional development.  Lucia has worked passionately for more than 20 years in high tech, public sector, armed forces, healthcare and startup cultures.

Lucia’s warm high impact delivery style leaves people exhilarated and motivated to put things into action.


Lucia is a master speaker and storyteller who provided the best, specific, and actionable pieces of feedback I’ve received on my complete comedy set so far.  I recently prepared a set for a themed variety show and sent Lucia the latest set I’d drafted — with days to spare. Not only did she provide feedback on the content, she identified areas of weakness and provided recommendations that strengthened the focus of my overall set, how I leveraged tension, and this helped me build a powerful narrative arc from beginning to end.  I look forward to working with her again.

Dawn Xavier-Franklin, Dawn Xanklin Comedy

I worked with Lucia to take a critical look at my image as a motivational speaker. Since I serve different audiences (youth, entrepreneurs, and corporate) my messaging and my image were very fractured. Long hair (for the youth) with a suit (for the corporate) was confusing for everyone, even myself. Lucia saw through the smoke and mirrors and gave me some sage wisdom, practical advice, and helped me begin the process to merge my personas into one authentic self that I am comfortable with and my audiences can connect with.

Majeed Mogharreban, Founder at Expert Speaker

We brought in Lucia to do a talk for our membership at the Sales Professionals of Ottawa. Her talk was around the “Perfect Pitch”. Lucia did a fantastic job of the presentation and was very engaging with the audience. Several attendees have commented on how much they enjoyed the presentation and Lucia as a speaker. Thanks Lucia for a job well done.

Randy Whitcroft, MSAB/Oracle Sales Director

Words can’t describe how much I love working with Lucia. Her experience in speaking and business is second to none! She challenges me to think to new levels while knowing how to get the best out of me. She is truly a blessing as she cares for the people she works with and truly wants them to succeed.

Dr. Aaron Smith, Speaker & consultant | STEM | Education | CTE | Workplace Readiness Solutions
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